Passport Stamp Phone Case

Passport Stamp Phone Case

Customize A Phone Case With Your Passport Stamps

Passports hold a special place in every traveller’s heart, each stamp tells a story, and brings back memories long forgotten. Many countries are no longer even stamping passports, which is why we’ve created this. Now you can preserve your favourite travel memories by customizing your own phone case with authentic passport stamps from around the world.

Design Yours!

Don’t Want To Design It Yourself?

If you don’t have time or you aren’t the most creative, don’t worry, we can design a case for  you. It only costs a little extra and we’ll send you a mockup for your approval. We won’t print your phone case until you’re happy with the design.

300+ Authentic Passport Stamps

Along with 100+ cell phones case types, we offer passport covers, posters, blankets, luggage tags and much much more. Not only are these an awesome travel reminder but they also make an excellent gift to any wanderlust addict.