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Create your own custom passport phone case with stamps from your favourite countries! We’ve scanned and scoured passports to get 300+ authentic stamps from around the world! The design for hard and tough cases wraps around the sides so keep that in mind when customizing your case.

We have cases for every phone type, if you don’t see yours here message us at

Need more space? Foldable phone cases here. 

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All Other Phone Case Brands

All Other Phone Case Brands



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24 Hour Customer Support

We’re always available either through our live chat in the bottom right of your screen or via email at

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Our Guarantee

If for any reason you’re not happy with the product, contact us and we’ll make it right either by providing a refund or sending a replacement.

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Fast Shipping

All of our hard and tough cases offer fast shipping. 1 week (US) and 1-2  weeks for other locations. Silicone cases take an extra week on average. This doesn’t include a 3 day printing time.

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Silicone JIC Case

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[sr-subtitle size=”h5″ alignment=”auto” uppercase=”0″]Thinner and more flexible than snap cases.[/sr-subtitle]

The JIC Cases has an extraordinary Clear TPU shell delivering transparent impact resistance while allowing the allure of the smartphone to shine through.

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Snap Case

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Offers more protection than silicone cases and the design is printed around the edges. Made from hard plastic. Comes in gloss or matte finish. Slim fit, lightweight and durable mobile covers. One-piece clip-on hard slim fitting case that allows full access to all device ports.

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